Personalised Kids Stories Featuring Your Child!

Stories My Nana Tells is a unique concept, loved by parents and teachers and created by Lesley Dewar to use today’s technology.
Her stories are a strong and effective educational resource. The 7 – 12 yo kids reading them say, “Wow, I didn’t know that” – as fascinating facts are uncovered and built into their reading.

  • Get Your Kids Reading Along With You
  • Less Online Tech Time
  • More Bonding Time

What is Your Child’s Reading Age?

Vivid pictures, your child’s own name and the fun of learning make these stories ideal for youngsters who are beginning to read, or for those whose reading skills could use a little coaching.

A story full of bright pictures, with their own name through it, and having adventures in a magic red helicopter is proven to appeal to kids of this age. They love it! They can let their best friend come too.

More experienced readers will find a wealth of information here. It's our mission to engage, entertain and educate. These books are universal, rather than personalised, so don’t be afraid to move your reading up to a higher level.

logoJump aboard our red helicopter into a new, exciting world of children’s Stories That My Nana Tells.

We have personalised stories for children of all ages, our published books, and free short story reading with our Snippets. Try them now and tell us what you think.

We add new ones often, so please make sure you join our friendly list. You won't miss out on an update.

Short Story Snippets

Snippets are short stories we write for fun, and for sharing "stuff". We definitely have a quirky sense of humour, too. Occasionally, a snippet becomes the seed of an idea for a book, too. 800 words isn't always enough to tell the whole story, but for our younger readers, it's a great way to get started.

Snippets certainly include a heap of "WOW! I didn't know that!" moments.

The latest Snippets can been read below.

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