Personalised stories raise a child's sense of self-esteem and confidence. It's exciting to share an adventure with Nana in the magic red helicopter, and add to their feelings of self-worth. Of being capable, and brave.

Do you know a girl or boy who wants a story they can treasure forever? We write for children in two key reading ages. 6-8yo, and 8-11 yo. Let's get YOU started. Use the form on this page and get a sample story NOW!. >>>

Would your child like their own adventure story, with their name and photo in it? You can have a look at a sample story. Fill in your details below.
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Personalised Stories Featuring Your Child!

Stories My Nana Tells is a unique concept, loved by parents and grandparents; created by Lesley Dewar. Her stories are fun, adventurous, and educational. The 6 – 11 yo kids reading them (and their parents) say, “Wow, I didn’t know that” – as fascinating facts are uncovered and built into their reading.

  • Get Your Kids Reading Along With You
  • Less Online Tech Time
  • More Bonding Time

What is Your Child’s Reading Age?

At Stories My Nana Tells we understand children learn to read and love books at different ages, and with different skills.
Whether they are just a starter, a slower reader who will adore a personalised story, or an advanced reader with a very inquisitive mind, we are sure your child will find a story to engage their imagination.

Vivid pictures, your child’s own name and photograph, and the fun of learning make these stories ideal for youngsters. Seeing and hearing their own name in the story raises their sense of self-esteem and confidence. Lesley puts your child IN the story

Having adventures in a magic red helicopter is proven to appeal to kids of this age. With lots of full colour pictures, their own name through it and with their photo included, these stories instil a sense of being adaptable and capable.

Lesley Dewar’s has a unique writing style. She uses good science to engage with her young audiences. “Your writing is really super. I love the way you strike a balance between scientific writing and personal reminiscence. I think that would appeal to people of all ages.” Jane M.


Why The Red Helicopter?

Because this Nana loves helicopters and flies in them every chance she gets!
She has landed in the Grand Canyon, and on a glacier. She flew over the Remarkables NZ, a volcano in Hawaii, and through the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberley. In New York, she circled the Statue of Liberty and the whole of Manhattan Island, before flying at the RAAF Base in WA. So, jump aboard her magic red helicopter and come fly with us into a new and exciting world of stories.

Short Story Snippets

Snippets are short stories we write for fun, and for sharing "stuff". We definitely have a quirky sense of humour, too. Occasionally, a snippet becomes the seed of an idea for a book, too. 800 words isn't always enough to tell the whole story, but for our younger readers, it's a great way to get started.

Snippets include a heap of "WOW! I didn't know that!" moments your child will want to share with you. Why? Because it's our mission to engage, entertain and educate.

I recently bought another book by Lesley for my 9 year old daughter. It was a good read, my daughter loved it, including the activities that were included.

I’ve known Lesley on a professional level for a few years through networking and other busine… Read more

Paul Groth