Free Colouring In Book – About Australian Animals

eKidna Club Deluxe Colouring Book

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Please send me a Free Colouring In Book – About Australian Animals


We love the idea that children around the world are learning about unique Australian Wildlife and enjoying sharing it with others. We have TWELVE of these lovely books to give away.

Fiona Olsson Childrens Environmental Author, is the creator and author of the successful children’s environmental education storybook series, ‘eKidna Club.’The eKidna Club adventures were designed to help children explore key attitudes, beliefs and values central to a positive self esteem and the motivation to care for the environment. The engaging 3D characters that form the eKidna Club are based on an echidna, blue-tongue lizard,numbat, platypus, orange-bellied parrot, spotted cuscus and a red-eyed tree frog.

There is some great information about these unique Australian animals in these attachments, too:

Tell me about an Echidna

Tell me about a Platypus

Tell me about a Numbat

Tell me about a Blue Tongue (Bobtail)

Tell me about an Orange-Bellied-Parrot

Tell me about the Spotted Cuscus

Tell me about a Red-eyed Tree Frog

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  1. Dean Watson says:

    Hi, 9 of us are doing a motorcycling holiday in North West Vietnam in December. We will be staying in small villages up near the Laos and Chinese borders with Ethnic Minority peoples in homestays for several nights, and want to take some small things for the kids there. We feel that colouring books of Australian animals would make perfect things to give to the kids.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Dean – Great idea and we will see what we can find for you. Will send you an email. Cheers Lesley Dewar

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