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We have a great offer for new subscribers to Stories My Nana Tells by Swan Magazine readers.

My name is Lesley Dewar and I am a parent and a grandparent. I am the writer and publisher of Stories My Nana Tells and a business writer, blogger, retired financial planner and a networker. I also write The Idler column for Swan Magazine every month and Networking With Lesley.

Thank you for visiting our Stories My Nana Tells site. We have a great offer for you.   Subscribe now and you will receive:

  •  One year’s subscription to Stories My Nana Tells for only $AU119 (slashed from the usual $AU132)

  • Your own Parking Pal Magnet (usually $AU8.00 plus P&H)

Get a twelve month subscription – a new story for your children every two weeks and a Parking Pal Magnet mailed to you when you subscribe – for the special limited offer of only $AU119 – a huge saving

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We DO need to confirm your permission to send your stories, before you register your personal Family Login and Password. We will send you a separate email to the address you used when you completed the subscription request.  Please check your inbox and confirm your subscription. To help parents monitor internet safety, logging on to the subscriber section of the site requires both a membership number and a password. 

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Stories My Nana Tells are great for busy parents.

As the mother of three children myself, I know about trekking around the suburbs taking them to their different activities, especially on weekends.  I have worked on P&C Committees and many Fundraising Events for schools and sporting groups. I raised my family as a single parent for twelve years and it is a joy to see them as adults. Not everything in life went smoothly along the way – it rarely does – but I love my life as a mother and parent.

These stories are a great connection between parent and child, as well as a fun learning experience. We guarantee children will love them. Your registration is a FAMILY account, which means you setup one account that your family can access, because you create your own password, linked to your email address.

This is perfect for parents who are away a lot,  or whose work keeps them away from “family time”  – you can login at the same time as your child and read the new story together over the telephone or by using Skype!  You may be separated by distance and want the story to come “from you” as a way of generating and strengthening contact and your family relationship. It will help build a common link for telephone calls, visits and discussions.

If you are a busy executive or you travel a greal deal, it’s simple and easy to share the stories, from anywhere in the world, with a child you love.  You can unsubscribe at any time or just suspend your subscription for a short period if needs be.  Being a subscriber at Stories My Nana Tells is very flexible and family friendly.


Don’t miss this chance to introduce your children or grandchildren to a new learning experience with this very special offer.  

Is it really special?  YES!  Because you will be a subscriber for as long as you want at this incredible low price of $AU119.00 for 26 stories.  

Share your experience with us.

After the delivery of the third story, we will ask you to complete a small survey – so you can share your opinions and ideas with us.  We are passionate about making Stories My Nana Tells the very best it can be.  Your participation in the survey will be voluntary, of course, but we do hope you will share your thoughts with us in a few weeks’ time. First, let’s get started: 

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We Can Help You With Your Kid’s Literacy

Stories My Nana Tells is a family friendly subscription service that delivers a high quality story for kids every two weeks – right into your email box – at home and on Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) work sites. Lesley Dewar writes stories for 7-12 yo children that help improve their literacy. Kids love her stories. With simple questions to test comprehension, parents love them, too.

Children aged 7 to 12 years old enjoy  Lesley Dewar’s stories as entertainment while they are educational, too. Travel, family, pets, science and quirky ideas make Stories My Nana Tells a great read.

Each story is around 2,000 words, thoroughly researched and finished off with between 7 and 12 questions to encourage young readers to interact with the story.  We have wonderful photographs and illustrations to make them even more interesting – and we guarantee they will spark the curiosity of your children and grandchildren in nature, the environment and the world around them. If there is a reliable online source, Lesley includes direct links to other information on the internet.

Get started today  

This offer is for a limited time – and this special Stories My Nana Tells offer is a wonderful gift for a child or grandchild.

Dinosaur Parking Pal Magnet - one of five designs we are giving away


PLUS you will receive one of these fabulous Parking Pal Magnets. Designed to be placed on the side of your car,  it will help keep the kids in place while you load up the shopping or buckle up the baby.

Children love to “Hi Five” their magnet and stay close and safe.

Together, Stories My Nana Tells and Parking Pal Magnets make a great combined Christmas gift that will last all year and more!

Keep your children safe in the parking lot!  Keep your children entertained, educated and inspired with Stories My Nana Tells.

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