Do You Remember Your Childhood Stories?

Dear Parents and Grandparents

The stories we read as children stay with us, all our lives. We remember them all: the stories, the songs and the poems. We especially remember the ones we read when we were 7 or 8 and then getting into our Pre-Teens.

As adults, we remember those favourite stories we heard and we read in our early years and we like to share them with our children.

They helped form our view of how the world is; how the world should or might be and where we fit into it.  It’s the same for your children, too. Sitting and reading a story with your child is a wonderful gift.

Stories My Nana Tells has been created by Lesley Dewar to help parents and children embark on an amazing adventure together all the while strengthening family bonds and igniting your child’s imagination and love of reading.

Hey Dude! Who Moved My Gumnuts? - a story about seeds and how they work.

Hey Dude! Who Moved My Gumnuts? – a story about seeds and how they work.


Finding good reading material for your child can be difficult.  Looking for engaging stories, of the right length and in a format that allows flexibility for busy lifestyles is a challenge for many parents and grandparents.

When writing Stories My Nana Tells, she says one thing is paramount. ” The stories must be memorable. Every story has a moment that will have your child say ‘wow, I didn’t know that!’ ” she said.  “That’s why we write them. So you can share another “wow” moment with your child when they say “I didn’t know that!”

Watching, listening and researching unique and unusual things means these stories will intrigue and surprise you and your children.


Who Subscribes For Stories My Nana Tells?

Stories My Nana Tells is a subscription based membership site that gives parents and children a new story every two weeks.   The stories are written for young readers, 7 – 12 years old, and come with 12 – 20 questions to help your child develop their comprehension skills.

Our subscribers are parents and teachers;  grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Grandparents, especially, need great stuff for children online, to share for birthdays and holidays. Stories My Nana Tells is a great gift to share throughout the year with children aged 7 – 12 yrs old – or even younger.

Stories My Nana Tells is a great family membership site – with high quality stories and a Facebook page where adults and older siblings can share ideas, connect and discussion different stories. If you work away from home or you are going to be home late, you can still enjoy story time with your child or children, by all logging onto Stories My Nana Tells at the same time and then using Skype and reading the story together.

About Lesley Dewar

Lesley Dewar will be adopted as your family’s honorary Nana.   Her engaging and inspiring stories will be loved by your children and truly become Stories My Nana Tells.

She says of herself: “I’ve recently changed from a very successful career in writing, sales, real estate and financial services spanning over 40 years,  to write stories for young children. I am an Australian grandmother, an avid surfer of the net, a published writer and as the author of Stories My Nana Tells, I am constantly travelling, browsing, researching and uncovering the unusual.”

Bungy Jump – Queenstown NZ

She definitely encourages children to be adventurous, inquisitive and active.

Lesley Dewar has been described as having “the ears of a bat and the eyes of a hawk” – being able to focus on small events that can be brought to life through her passion for storytelling; a skilled researcher who knows how to uncover the unusual and verify the truth.

Bungy jumping in New Zealand; Helicopter flights across icy mountains and rocky deserts; White water rafting in Bali and Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii – has she done all these things? Sailing on an old Dutch Tall Sailing Ship? Yes, she has and she does encourage children to be adventurous and enjoy life! As a Nana, she writes on a wide range of topics – stories to be enjoyed as both entertainment and education. She loves adventure – as part of her research, to make sure her stories are true to life.

Children Who Read Well Are More Confident

Do you want to increase your child’s confidence through reading?

Stories My Nana Tells does just that!

Each story is around 2500 words, thoroughly researched and finished off with between 12 and 20 questions to encourage young readers to interact with the story. They have wonderful photographs and illustrations to make them even more interesting – and we guarantee they will spark the curiosity of your children and grandchildren in nature, the environment and the world around them.

Stories My Nana Tells is an online Family Membership site, which will dispatch a new story every second week.   This is perfect for parents at home and those who are away a lot!  You can login at the same time as your child and read the new story together over skype!  It is also great for parents who are homeschooling. Each subscribing family will be notified by email when the new story is ready.

Here’s a look at some of the story topics coming up in the next few weeks:

He Look Just Like Elvis - A Story About Our Iconic Black Cockatoos

He Look Just Like Elvis – A Story About Our Iconic Black Cockatoos


  • He Looks Like Elvis
    • he looked just like Elvis. His broad shoulders and slender hips give him balance and style; his garb was all black with an occasional flash of brilliant red, lining his coattails.
  • Hey Dude! Who Moved My Gumnuts?
    • A seed is a plant – with a lunch box, a drink and a rain coat. A great story about seeds of different kinds, how they fit into the food chain and who might be eating what.
  • Star Light, Star Bright
    • When we look at the night sky, we wonder: is anyone out there? This is a fascinating story about past and present explorers seeking answers in the stars.

A bit more about Lesley Dewar, the Author of Stories My Nana Tells

Children with Giant Python

Children with Giant Olive Python


She has been a published writer since 2003 and has an excellent reputation on  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a  networker and communicator.

In addition to the new, premium stories subscribers get every second week, she regularly writes short stories that are posted to the website as Snippets – to keep things interesting and fresh in-between times.

Stories My Nana Tells has an active Facebook page and a Facebook Group strictly for Members only.


She has appeared on Australian TV; been interviewed by the international press and radio and is an excellent public speaker.

Some other stories to intrigue and fascinate your children:Free-standing-The-Fig-Tree-3D

  • The Fig Tree
    • Do you know how old or where the oldest fig tree is, in the world? Why did California’s fig industry almost come to ruin because they didn’t understand how to get them into fruit? Learn the mysteries of the delicious fig.
  • Scarlet Robin
    • Where does the Scarlet Robin go for the winter? What happens if they don’t migrate? A ten-year tale unfolds with a happy ending.
  • A Tale Of Two Beetles
    • Shipwrecks, pirates and beetles might not seem to have much in common – but this story will reveal an amazing history from hundreds of years ago up to the 1940’s about two beetles. No, not John Lennon or Paul McCartney but two six legged beetles who had a great impact on the wealth of nations.

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These stories are a great connection between parent and child, as well as a fun learning experience. We guarantee children will love them. We see your registration as being a FAMILY account, which means you are more than welcome to setup  one account that all your family can access.  This is perfect for parents who are away a lot – you can login at the same time as your child and read the new story together over skype!  You may be separated by distance and want the story to come “from you” as a way of generating and strengthening contact and your family relationship. It will help build a common link for telephone calls, visits and discussions.

A full year’s subscription is only AU$99.90, which is less than $2.00 per week! We believe this is great value for these priceless stories and the joy your family will experience in sharing them together. Alternatively, you can subscribe for AU$9.99 a month and continue your subscription for as long as you like.  Never miss a new story!  Subscribe Now!

You will save money with our yearly rate of AU$99.90 – the choice is entirely yours!

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Just LOOK At What All These People Say About Lesley Dewar and Stories My Nana Tells

“She has a fantastic product and approaches this project with a great business mindset, producing enormous value for the lives she touches along the way. Not only is she a fantastic story-teller and remarkable businesswoman, but she’s a really cool person and easy to get along with. Though watch out when she starts recounting some of her adventures – you might just get so captivated that you forget what you were going to say next :)” January 20, 2010 Mike Haydon, Managing Director, Haydoncorp Pty Ltd (via LinkedIn)

“She has gone from being one of Western Australia’s most respected financial planners to the author of exceptional stories for children and grand children world-wide”. Peter Taliangis, Property Consultant – Real Estate Agent – Buyer’s Agent – Perth, Western Australia, Australia, Realty 1 One (via LinkedIn)

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to recommend you to all others as a consummate and dedicated professional.” Steven Burda, MBA, Founder & President, Burda Consulting Co. (via LinkedIn)

“I think it`s beyond wonderful that you`ve chosen to share your imagination, with the world`s children. Really special work!” @Manly_Mel (via Twitter)

“Stories my nana tells; a very talented lady indeed.” @PhilRichards (via Twitter)

”The Fig Tree was really well written. Vivid imagery@PreppedPolished (via Twitter) Alexis Avila

It’s a really hilarious “investigative” story, and I’m thrilled to be mentioned along with the authors of a number of very prominent Velcro (TM) applications! With many thanks for your message & story,Lev Neymotin- Physicist, New York (via email)

PS: Internet makes our continents so close, as if they never split…

“I have known Lesley Dewar as a great story writer for young children, for the past five or six years. Her research is always thorough and she has a great way of engaging her young readers so that they learn while they are being entertained. I would strongly recommend her Stories My Nana Tells for any parent who wants to bring some extra fun into their children’s lives.” – Steve P. Greenwood, WA

You are a very good writer. I enjoyed your post. “Today is “Growly Granddad’s birthday” (via Twitter)

Who Subscribes For Stories My Nana Tells?

Our subscribers are parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Stories My Nana Tells is a great gift to share throughout the year with children aged 7 – 12 yrs old – or even younger. You might like to have the stories to read to your children, yourself. Or have an older brother or sister read them as part of a family activity. It will be easy to chat together about the story.

How much will subscribers pay for Stories My Nana Tells?

Stories My Nana Tells is a Family Membership site, where a new story will be uploaded every second week – that’s twenty six stories each year. Each Membership gets a personal notification when the new story is available. A full year’s subscription is only AU$99.90, (less than $2.00 a week) or a monthly subscription of AU$9.99 paid through PayPal. 

If your children are aged 7 – 12 yo, these are the right kind of stories for them. They can share the free stories, too, on the Website.

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We offer a 30 day money back, guarantee  if you decide within 30 days of joining as a premium subscriber that you want to cancel your membership.


We see your registration as being a FAMILY account, which means you are more than welcome to setup just one account that all your family has access to. This is perfect for parents who are away a lot – you can login at the same time as your child and read the new story together over skype!

All stories are in pdf format and we invite you to download them to read offline at your leisure. Later, if you decide to not continue your subscription, you will still have access to all the stories in your member account up to that point.

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