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Social Media Workshop – Perth April 8, 2011 Do You Have A Social Media Ownership Policy

Successfully using social media for business requires a special approach to knowing how to be Social – while retaining your business persona, keeping control of the ownership of your data and not breaching the ICANN rules regarding spam.

Silver Surfer: Surfing, Searching, Slaying, Scams and Spam:   Silver Surfer – ABC Technology & Games Website 15 November 2010

Once you begin searching with keywords, it quickly becomes a familiar task and a subtle rearrangement of the words themselves will often bring up a different result. “daffodils online newspapers Australia” resulted in only 40 thousand results – which shows how much more focused the search could be. In addition, if you enclose several search terms in “quotation marks”, such as “daffodils cancer” along with ‘newspapers online Australia’, there are very few links of any real value. [daffodils cancer] newspapers online Australia, using [ ] brackets, returns 36 thousand pages, because you are actually searching for either of those two words and the other three, rather than both of those two words in a single quote. Try doing some searches with different keywords and see how easily you can become quite expert in finding the best sources of information for yourself.

Silver Surfer: How to Host A Twitter Party:   Silver Surfer – ABC Technology & Games Website 27 October 2010

Why would you want to…

Why would you want to host a #Twitterparty? It’s a great way for you to contribute to the Twitter community. You help people to be engaged, to join in, break down communication barriers and Twitter shyness.

Why would you want to join a #Twitterparty? It is enormous fun. You get to tweet with new people, find new people to chat with and maybe start following. It helps you feel engaged with the Twitter community and lets you feel more open about chatting on line on a specific topic.

Be on the lookout for #Twitterparties and give them a try.