Press Release: Aussie Grandmother Mesmerizes Shaker LaunchHouse


13 May 2011


Aussie Grandmother Mesmerizes Local Entrepreneurs

At Shaker Heights, Cleveland, OH


Lesley Dewar (pictured with Dar Caldwell, Partner in Charge of Outreach and Events at Shaker LaunchHouse) was quoted as being “awesome” and “mesmerizing” when talking to a group of local business men and women at the new Shaker LaunchHouse site, on Friday May 13, 2011.

Her presentation was organized by Heidi Cool, leading Cleveland web design and strategy specialist, through their friendship on LinkedIn and Suzie Sharp was amongst the attendees.   Lesley Dewar is currently touring the US, showcasing her unique online family based, social media website Stories My Nana Tells and presenting workshops on using Social Media for entrepreneurs. is a resource for families with children aged seven to 12 years, which encourages everyone to get online and share stories. Parents worry about their children’s reading skills and Stories My Nana Tells is a clever way to enhance those skills.

Founder and Australian children’s author Lesley Dewar said even if absent from the family home, grandparents and parents could share a bedtime story with children online, via the web site and Skype.

Stories My Nana Tells provides a regular and unique connection between adults and children in a fun and entertaining way at any time of the day or night,” said Mrs Dewar.

“It’s a great way to keep families connected, especially given the high number of American parents who now work long hours or in fly-in-fly-out job,” she said. “Sharing a bed time story is an excellent way for children to overcome the anxiety of separation.”

Each story on the web site includes eight to 12 questions with links to internet research sites, encouraging a reading and learning in a family environment.

Mrs Dewar researches and writes all of the stories that are suited for children aged seven to 12 years and takes her own photographs.

“My stories will spark their curiosity, entertain and educate them,” she said.  “I write about pets, travel, and nature, unique and unusual things.”

“I was very excited to be able to present at the Shaker LaunchHouse,” she added. “Speaking to new business owners and those with a passion for finding their own niche and creating a sustainable income is inspirational for me,” she said. The old Zalud Oldsmobile dealership on Lee Road has been renovated to create a business incubation center run by Shaker LaunchHouse, a seed capital investment company.The fact a vacant commercial building is being reused is exciting. Even more, this addresses the need to strengthen the city’s commercial tax base in order to ease the tax burden on its residents. LaunchHouse has 12 portfolio companies under its umbrella, developing products in fields such as medical, energy, agriculture and recreation.

City leaders need to take advantage of opportunities such as LaunchHouse that will bring viable businesses into the city, including those started by women and older, new entrepreneurs.

Mrs Dewar said at a time when an increasing number of women in the United States were starting their own small businesses the web site provided a valuable means for families to remain united.  “There’s an increasing expectation that grandparents will be on hand to help with the children while women work longer hours to get their businesses moving,” she said.

Dar Caldwell commented on her presentation as being “awesome and an inspiration for their launching entrepreneurs.” Heidi Cool was quoted as saying the “audience was mesmerized and the questions showed their involvement with Mrs. Dewar’s address.”

She is available for further media interviews and available for group presentations in Dallas, San Francisco and Vancouver after her visits to New York, Burlington and Miami.

Stories My Nana Tells

To access a new story every two weeks, families purchase a membership subscription for the Stories My Nana Tells Website. Membership also includes:

  • Free activities,
  • Sample stories,
  • Ongoing introductions to featured characters
  • An online WordPress blog, where moderated comments and questions can be posted.

Because of legal age restrictions, the popular Facebook page, ( ) and Twitter account ( are only available to persons over the age of 13.

To help parents monitor internet safety, logging on to the premium site requires both a membership number and a password.

Each story (which is delivered as in Adobe® PDF format) has links to well-researched, appropriate websites which can be monitored by parents through their membership of Stories My Nana Tells. A full year’s subscription for Stories My Nana Tells is AU$132 or by monthly payments of AU$15, on direct debit (either payable on line through PayPal). This is great value for these priceless stories and the joy families will experience in sharing them together.

Lesley Dewar Background

Lesley Dewar has recently made a lifestyle change, after a very successful career in sales, real estate and financial planning services spanning over 40 years. She is an Australian grandmother, based in Perth, an avid surfer of the net, a published writer and the author of Stories My Nana Tells; she is constantly travelling, browsing, researching and uncovering the unusual. Currently, she is travelling in the USA  in search of new experiences and adventures. She has just been featured in the high profile magazine Confident Woman Australia Featured Woman – Lesley Dewar

Mrs Dewar was showcasing Stories My Nana Tells at the Los Angeles Women’s Small Business Expo on April 272011, in its global launch, attending with other women from Women’s Network Australia.  After visiting Toronto to stay with family and then Detroit, her Cleveland visit leads into her continuing on to New York, Burlington NC, Miami Fl, Dallas TX, San Diego, San Francisco and Vancouver. This is her fourth trip, on her own, around the world.

She has been bungy jumping in New Zealand; flown in helicopters across icy mountains and rocky deserts; trekked across a volcano crater, been white water rafting in Bali and swimming with dolphins in Hawaii – Travel, health, family, pets and quirky ideas make Stories My Nana Tells very engaging for the whole family.

“It’s a really hilarious “investigative” story, and I’m thrilled to be mentioned along with the authors of a number of very prominent Velcro (TM) applications! With many thanks for your message & story, Lev Neymotin- Physicist, New York (via email) PS: Internet makes our continents so close, as if they never split…”

Lesley is recognised as an Australian expert on Social Media and has published her first eBook Networking To A Plan ( which discusses how to use Twitter and email to support face to face networking for business. This book has had wide international success, with internet distribution across the world including the USA. She is a member of LinkedIn, writes for the Australian ABC Technology website as their #SilverSurfer and networks face to face and online.



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