Red Helicopter Heroes Rescue Black Cockatoos

June 07, 2012

Red Helicopter Flies To Rescue Black Cockatoos

An Australian-first website for families with kids has launched a major project to raise funds of $40,000 in support of the Perth based Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rescue Centre and to help spread the story of Carnaby’s Cockatoos to children and teachers through 2,000 schools
– at Stories My Nana Tells

The site is the ultimate resource for parents who want to share unique and engaging stories with their children, encourage them to read and help overcome the anxiety of separation.

Children’s author and creator of the website, Lesley Dewar, said the recent launch of the film “On A Wing And A Prayer” had created a highly positive opportunity for parents, schools and P&C groups to join together and use the film for children’s education.

The project has two stages: first to source 100 Key Sponsors who will make a tax deductible donation of $230 each, paid directly to Black Cockatoo Preservation Society, (BCPS) to fund the initial purchase of 2000 copies of the DVD. Email Us Here

Next, in partnership with  Our OnLine Canteen the project will be rolled out to 5000 Australian schools over a period of weeks with an offer for the P&C or a parent to purchase the DVD for $23.00 (incl GST and P&H) from BCPS and gift it to their local school.The DVD can be mailed to either the parent or directly to the school and it will be supplied with a formal study guide for use by teachers, which is downloaded from the website.

Supporting the work of black cockatoo rescue, rehabilitation and release is also very positive for the community at large, including families involved in the resources sector –whether in the city, local residents or FIFO workers on site. With a new boom starting in the North West of WA, the number of families affected by the stress of being absent from home for long periods of time will continue to increase.

“There is no doubt the well being of employees is intrinsically linked to their job performance, which affects site safety, profitability and the reputation of the company as an employer,” Lesley Dewar said.

“The subtle perception of how well a company provides for and takes care of its employees ripples through the workforce and can be either a strong attractant or deterrent to securing the best employees,” she said. “Building a sense of community within a workforce is a valuable attribute. One way this is being done in Perth is by having Corporate Volunteer days at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rescue Centre in Martin, near Gosnells.

“For employees whose physical location precludes them for the time being from participating in volunteer work for a day at the Centre, this new fundraising project linked to getting education about Black Cockatoos into schools is a very popular and exciting project.”

“This is an avenue for building a sense of community among employees at all levels, with intense social benefits for them, the Centre and the community at large.” “It also provides a strong link between parents and children in FIFO families, for sharing and developing a sense of community in and with their children.” said Lesley.

For more information on the Kaarakin project, please visit the website at Kaarakin – The Wind Beneath Our Wings

The Project Promoters and Managers

Stories My Nana Tells is a family based membership site that publishes a new story every two weeks, for paid subscribers. Because it is internet based, it is simple and easy to share the stories, from anywhere in the world, with children you love.

Lesley Dewar Background
Lesley Dewar has recently made a lifestyle change, after a very successful career in sales, real estate and financial planning services spanning over 40 years. Lesley is passionate about the environment and has been writing about Australian wildlife for many years. The first story members of Stories My Nana Tells receive when they subscribe is about a family of red tailed back cockatoos – called “He Looks Just Like Elvis”

Stories My Nana Tells is a family friendly website which opens a proven doorway to a new world of learning and sharing between parents and children. She is a recognised networker; a regular commentator on social media and is an active campaigner for conservation issues.
Using the internet is a key part of driving the fundraising campaign for Kaarakin while promoting the DVD “On A Wing And A Prayer” in conjunction with Our OnLine Canteen

Our OnLine Canteen Our Online Canteen provides an easier way for school canteens and parents to better manage the lunch ordering system. Designed by its users, Our Online Canteen has been well researched and designed based on what canteens and parents have asked for – an easy to use system that you can trust and rely on.

Our Online Canteen Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company which welcomed a massive 590% growth in new schools and a 690% of new parents in 2011.
It has become a vital system in the communities helping:

  •  Parents and Students
  •  Canteen and P&C
  •  Local businesses and
  •  Schools – and offers a $1000 cash refund to any school canteen that does not increase its profits through using their service*
  • *some terms and conditions apply.

Teisha Hough Background

Teisha Hough is a remarkable young woman who has established Our OnLine Canteen as her own enterprise. A young Mum of 24 with a partner and two children of their own, they also foster three children. It was Teisha’s own initiative to join this project and, like Lesley Dewar, she has committed substantial funding, to ensure it is a success.

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