Waterless Garden

The idea of having a waterless garden has appealed to me for a long time.  I have tried lots of different ways to grow my garden with little or almost no water and, more importantly for me, no watering.  It’s getting away from being tethered to the end of the hose that I want.

Let’s forget for the moment about past experiments and look at what we are trying now.  This weekend, the last weekend of March 2012, we started round two of the new waterless garden scheme.

Around Christmas time, I discovered a potentially new way of watering the garden. The product comes in a plastic sausage shape and comprises a jelly substance that is said to be 97% distilled water and 3% cellulose.  The jelly is cut and placed raw surface down onto the soil, where a microbe action will begin and their activity causes the water to gradually be released from the jelly into the soil.  [Read more…]